U.S. Olympic torch lit in L.A. - Metro US

U.S. Olympic torch lit in L.A.


One month after the Olympic bid in Boston sputtered to a halt this year, the home of the Lakers is taking up the bid to host the 2024 Summer Games.

The Los Angeles City Council gave the OK Tuesday in a vote that allows their mayor, Eric Garcetti, to move forward with a bid. The vote was unanimous, Reuters reported.

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Many speculated the Californian city would have a better shot at hosting a successful – read: profitable –Olympics than the Hub. L.A. hosted the games twice, 1932 and 1984, and many of the stadiums necessary for the massive international sports party are already built.

The city would be the first ever to host the games three times.

According to Reuters, the resolution adopted by the council allows for the city to negotiate a financial agreement with Olympic officials once L.A. is officially proposed as the American host city for the games.

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Boston’s troubled Olympic bid came to an end in late July amid less-than-stellar public support and growing concern the state would have to pay for cost overruns.

Looks like the throw-down over American Olympic aspirations will continue, but this time Boston will be watching from afar.

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