Uber reportedly billed a passenger $12,000 for 36-minute ride – Metro US

Uber reportedly billed a passenger $12,000 for 36-minute ride

UPDATE: Uber has responded with a comment on this story saying “We apologize to this rider for any inconvenience and we have provided them with a full refund.”

Uber, the ridesharing company known for its mobile app, surge pricing and several cases of sketchy drivers, may have found itself in more controversy over a ridiculously priced bill.

The ridesharing company reportedly billed a passenger about $12,000 for a 36-minute ride.

Images of the bill were posted on Reddit by user “nycthrowaway347,” who wrote that their girlfriend had a “ride from hell” that resulted in the outrageous bill:

“She had a driver that wouldn’t follow her route directions, was talking on the phone the entire ride, and at one point tried to back up off the entrance ramp to the BQE by Meeker Ave.

She wrote a long email about the situation and sent it to Uber. They responded, and were supposed to issue a partial credit for the inefficient route, which she was fine with. Then she found this ridiculous statement in her inbox. She has emailed them numerous times today, and have gotten nothing but generic “we’re looking into it” responses. They refuse to communicate over the phone, only through email.”

The original poster later updated their post saying that Uber had corrected the bill:

“Finally got a response from them. They have indicated that the charges were in error and they will be clearing them off the account and issuing the owed credit.”

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