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Uber testing waiting charge after two minutes


Uber users better be on time or be ready to pay up, as the rideshareapp is changing is waiting policyin select locations as part of a pilot.

Currently, Uber gives its passengers a five minute window to appear, according toCNN Money, which reported news of the program, currently taking place in Phoenix, Dallas, New Jersey and New York City.

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Five minutes is still the same time period before drivers can charge a cancelation fee for a no show. Another change, however, CNN said, includes a cancelation fee if the rider cancels before the Uber shows up. Itwas previously five minutes. But fees are not applied if the provided pickup time is longer than expected.

According to CNN,uberPool rides, where passengers can split the rides and costs, already have the two-minute policy in place.

As CNET pointed out, it’s an obvious move to “encourage passengers to meet their cars faster,” and also decrease driver waiting time and increase fares,especially as Uber cuts its rates.

The website also fairly points out thatthe new rule could also be frustratingfor customersas “two minutes isn’t a long time to spot an unfamiliar car, especially if your phone’s GPS is slightly off or you have to, say, cross a busy street to get to it.”

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