UFOs really exist: Author - Metro US

UFOs really exist: Author

The truth is out there, and Albertans are experiencing it first-hand, a local UFO researcher says.

Alberta UFO Study Group director Jim Moroney said that about 75 reports of alien sightings are reported to his organization each year — roughly 10 per cent of all actual sightings, he predicts.

Kalaya Leighland said she’s certain her “spirit” was abducted while at a spiritual retreat at Moraine Lake in 2005.

“I was sitting on a log, meditating, and soon found myself on a spaceship,” she said. “I looked out the port window and saw the western part of Canada. I saw two small beings who contacted me telepathically.”

Leighland’s claim isn’t all that out of this world, Moroney said.

A group of four on a highway a few kilometres north of Edmonton on Dec. 28 claim to have seen a UFO, which they had though was an airplane.

“Most people, when they see these things don’t want to report them, or don’t know where to report them,” Moroney said.

The author will be speaking tonight about the science behind the UFO phenomenon at NAIT in room X-107 at the South Learning Centre.

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