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Uma Temakeria to offer Sushi Burrito on Thursday

The sushi-burrito fusion has finally made its way to New York City.

The original sushi burrito masterminds, Sushirrito, can only be found on the West Coast in San Francisco and Palo Alto, but fear not fish lovers, because Uma Temakeria in Chelsea has come to every sushi-loving New Yorker’s rescue.

“We love the portability of it and we have really high quality ingredients,” said Cynthia Kueppers, founder and CEO of Uma Temakeria. “We thought it would be something fun to do.”

Starting Thursday, Uma Temakeria will serve the classic Sushi Burrito made with tuna, salmon, spicy tobanjan mayo, julienned carrots, cucumbers and seasoned sushi rice. Add tempura crunchies and a dash of sesame seeds, wrap it all up in a sheet of crisp nori and you have got yourself a classic Sushi Burrito.

Kueppers said she believes the restaurant will begin to offer more options within a couple weeks of Thursday’s launch.

So how do New Yorkers really feel about Sushi Burrito? Love it? Hate it? Can’t imagine life without it (raises hand)?

People have already come in asking for the Sushi Burrito at Uma Temakeria, Kuepers said.

Metro asked 10 New Yorkers what they thought: Nine said they were pro-Sushi Burrito with the level of excitement ranging from enthusiastic that this new concoction will be within reach to just willing to try anything once.

Uma Temakeria opens at 11 a.m. and is located at 64 Seventh Ave.

Stay tuned for the results of Metro’s taste test.

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