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Uma Thurman on her latest film, ‘Ceremony’

Being a beautiful woman and the star of numerous films, Uma Thurman must know she has a lot fans, right? Wrong. “I wish I could sit around and think that people think nice things about me, but it’s not really a reality, is it? That’s not how it feels in your own life. Maybe I live a quiet life,” she says. In fact, Thurman seems distinctly disinterested in thinking nice things about herself.

It’s that sense of humility that lends itself so well to Zoe, her character in “Ceremony,” whose wedding to a big-talking British filmmaker (played hilariously by Lee Pace) is disrupted by the arrival of her much-younger former flame (Michael Angarano). Playing the conflicted peak of that love triangle proved the kind of acting challenge Thurman lives for. “She’s got this man crashing her wedding party, and at the same time you can see that she’s somehow thrilled by it,” Thurman says.

Thurman’s only regret from the film was missing out on the camp-like atmosphere at the Long Island location, where most of the cast and crew set up shop. “I had to drive back and forth [to New York City] because I have two children,” she explains. “I don’t drop my kids and go have fun, unfortunately. They’re older, they have school. I would’ve loved to hang out with the guys more, but I have responsibilities.”

While she might be much more surefooted in her own life, Thurman related to Zoe’s way of viewing the world. “I’m a romantic,” she says. “I think I’m actually a quite idealistic person, despite everything. It gives one a good sense of humor, for sure.”

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