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Uncertainty leads some to psychics

These days, Calgarians are looking into the future — literally.

Those worried about their financial security during tough economic times have turned to psychics like Emjai, who only goes by her first name. She owns Mystic Moon, where she does different types of psychic readings like tarot, aura and chakra.

“The majority of people are coming in because of their jobs,” Emjai said. “They’re inquiring as to when the next door is going to open. With astrology, tarot and palmistry, people can dig deeper.”

One of her clients, who did not wish to be named, went to see Emjai after he lost his job.

“She told me that I was going to find a job, but not specifically when or with who,” he said.

Abby Smith, 24, recently went to a psychic when she was feeling emotional and financial turmoil with work.

“She told me what I already knew about my work, that I wasn’t happy and it was holding me back from what I need to do. I ended up getting a second job because of it,” she said. “I’m much happier and I love the second job.”

Smith said even though she is busy working two jobs, she has upcoming plans to attend the same psychic to have her tarot cards read again.

Guy Siewart, who does readings at New Age Books and Crystals in Kensington, said people are asking questions about jobs and finances out of a sense of self-betterment.

“People are afraid of their stock prices going down or losing their homes,” Siewart said.

“They’re also looking for the courage to make the next step in their lives.”