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Underground park Lowline needs your help to blossom

This is a partial vision of Lowline's underground park created for an exhibit last ye
Lowline, Kickstarter

Fans of unique public spaces like theHigh Linecould get awholenew kind of park: Dubbed theLowline, it would be exactly what it sounds like —an underground park.

The project is looking to get $200,000 in funding throughKickstarter, which would be just the first phase. That money would go to create a Lowline Lab, an interactive exhibit/experimentto growplants underground from September to February (the harshest time of year) to test the project’s feasibility.

The Lowlinefounders describe their inspiration as”Mannahatta —a verdant vision of the city before modern civilization,” which will haveedible plants”and a science fiction palette of greenery forming stalactites, stalagmites, and whimsical passageways.”

Lowlinewould be housed insidethe abandoned 107-year-old trolley station under Delancey Street in the Lower East Side, which hasbeen untouched since 1948.Check out the Kickstarter page forrenderings of the parkand a video about the technology of diverting sunlight to create anunderground ecosystem.

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