Unholy goodness at The Burger’s Priest – Metro US

Unholy goodness at The Burger’s Priest

It’s just a little slip of a place. With only a few stools inside and a two-seater pew (pew, priest: get it?) outside, so get it to go.

The menu is simple —burgers and fries. Good. Specialize and keep it simple. Kudos for the very plain white bun, too: let the ingredients shine.

The “Option” combo ($10.99) includes a deep-fried, panko-encrusted portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese (the blend is “a secret”), fries and a water (pop is extra). It is decadent and extremely fun to eat.

Fries are thin and crisp, but cool immediately. The supposed “fried” onions seem steamed, but the bacon’s great. Processed cheese is used on my companion’s burger ($5.29), but he insists it’s great nonetheless.

It’s not gourmet, just tasty.

Sometimes simple is best.

(Note: List off ingredients — say what you want on it item by item, otherwise it arrives naked, as mine did.)