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Union holds off on strike

TTC workers aren’t issuing a strike deadline yet, but they’re warning that could come as early as next week.
And although he repeated his promise to give commuters 48 hours’ notice of a strike, transit union president Bob Kinnear said a work-to-rule campaign is now off the table. If there’s a job action, “it will be a full withdrawal of services,” he told reporters yesterday.
The union has been in a legal strike position since April 1, but has said it will keep talking into next week.
Kinnear also called on TTC chair Adam Giambrone to step in and replace chief general manager Gary Webster in leading negotiations on the management side.
“If Gary Webster is still in control, we are very concerned we will not be able to reach a deal,” said Kinnear, citing what he sees as Giambrone’s willingness to listen to workers’ concerns even when he doesn’t agree.
But Giambrone said he won’t come to the table.

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