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Unwrapping a new Tastykake factory

PHILADELPHIA. Three things we noticed during yesterday’s trip to the new Tasty Baking Co. factory at the Navy Yard.

1 The new facility is a substantial upgrade from the aging Hunting Park factory, with space for public tours, state of the art baking equipment and a cool exterior. The building is expected to reach LEED gold certification for its environmentally-friendly elements, including solar panels on the roof, which will be installed later, officials said.

2 The new baking equipment will allow the company to maintain its production with about half the assembly lines, officials said. Seven lines is all that’s needed to churn out pies, cookie bars, cupcakes and krimpets. The 345,000-square-foot facility also has space for packing and distribution.

3 Joy Andress and her colleagues may have the ultimate dream job as Tastykake tasters. Andress and colleagues sample every line that comes off the floor, and while it may sound easy (and filling), the group tests for texture, appearance, and consistency. Andress has a food science degree and almost all the other testers also have culinary backgrounds. The group said that after sampling dozens of products each day, they get an insane sugar rush that can actually lead to headaches. Who knew Tastykakes could hurt so good?

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