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UPDATE: Everything we know about South Park season 22

South Park Season 22

What was television like before South Park hit the small screen? Looking back, it seems like such a cultural shift happened after those four foul-mouthed little boys from that small town in Colorado breathed life back into Comedy Central and influenced a new breed of raunchy animated cartoons. Would there be a Family Guy without South Park? Doubt it. Would the Simpsons have reconsidered some of their material to match the warped sensibilities of Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Oh, you can count on it. South Park has set the bar on so many levels as to how far a show can go in pursuit of laughter. Through 21 seasons, the show has also morphed into one of the most biting social satires of the past two decades. It even won a Peabody Award in 2005 for it’s role in advancing free speech. It’s amazing that the show has yet to lose stream this late into it’s run. So, what can we expect from South Park Season 22? 

South Park season 22 release date 

Comedy Central has announced that the release date of South Park season 22 will be Wednesday, September 26, at it’s old trusty time slot of 10 p.m.

South park season 22 release date trailer

What will South Park season 22 be about? 

As always, the details for South Park season 22 are pretty tightly underwraps. As shown in their amazing making-of documentary, 6 Days to Air, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will sometimes finalize a given episode right before the day it airs making it one of the most current and topical shows on the air. So for all we know, South Park season 22 could be tackling issues that aren’t even in the news yet! What we do know from the season 21’s Donald Trump-as-Pennywise-the-clown ending, is that they will continue our current commander in chief as the show moves forward. 

The show will also have a considerable presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con this year. The convention will host two separate events related to South Park season 22 including “Cartman’s Escape Room” and “South Park‘s Member Berries Challenge.” Here are details for each event: 

Cartman’s Escape Room

Cartman’s Escape Room is making its worldwide debut at Comic-Con. Trapped! Caught in another one of Cartman’s schemes, fans will now enter the most impossible to escape place ever invented. Ten South Park fans will have a limited amount of time solve a series of puzzles using what they know about South Park to free themselves… before it’s too late. This new South Park activation is free and open to the public at the San Diego Wine Center (200 Harbor Dr. #12, across from the Convention Center) from Thursday, July 19 through Saturday, July 21 from 9:30 a.m.- 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, July 22 from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

South Park’s Member Berries Challenge

South Park’s Member Berries Challenge (booth #23729 inside Convention Center) will transport fans into a 3D replica scene from the iconic “Member Berries” episode. While joining Randy at the Marsh family dinner table, fans will take the Member Berries Challenge – where they will be asked three South Park trivia questions as they sit in Sharon and Shelly’s seats. If the fan answers all three correctly, they will walk away clean and be rewarded with their very own limited edition Member Berry. However, if a fan answers incorrectly, Member Berry juice will spew out of Randy’s mouth on to the losing player! Ponchos and protective glasses will be available.

South Park season 22: Teaser Trailer 

The first teaser trailer for South Park season 22 and it’s message is pretty cryptic to say the least. The teaser, released through Twitter, is just a black video with no actual show footage that says “America has reached a crossroads. What will we do next?” before closing on a screen that reads “#cancelsouthpark”. Will this season the show’s last? Is this just a joke that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are playing to poke fun of the recent cancellation of Roseanne and House of Cards? We’ll have to wait to find out. 

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