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Update garage with a new door, floor

Your garage is an integral part of your home, so why shouldn’t you renovate it to look just as good and be just as practical?

With the new Home Renovation Tax Credit available across Canada this year and offering up to $1,350 back from the government for renovations up to $10,000, the time is right for a renovation of what is likely the largest storage and work space on your property.

If you’re going for improved looks in the garage, Bruce Hutchinson, a sales consultant at Rona Home & Garden in Ottawa, says the best place to start is the door because it provides instant visual appeal.

“Probably the most visible thing to do is to replace the garage door — it’s what your neighbours will see,” Hutchinson said.

Steel doors are most popular these days because they usually have an enamel finish that lasts long and looks great, Hutchinson says.

He recommends you spring for an insulated door if you want to keep your garage cosy and consider replacing your clanging chain garage door opener with a quiet one that uses a belt instead. Wood doors are less popular because they warp easily and tend to require frequent repainting.

Frank Turco, trend and design manager with Home Depot Canada, says a quality floor can also be a simple, impactful way to keep your garage looking clean and well-kept and protect the concrete footing from spills and cracks.

“The floor can make a quick impression on you because it’s such a large surface,” Turco said.
Popular options include thin, lightweight rubberized flooring mats or roll-on stone pavement for a visual effect that looks like real stone.

Whatever renovations you do in your garage, don’t be afraid to experiment.

“The garage is a good place to practise your renovation skills because it’s not perfect — it’s a garage after all,” Hutchinson says.

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