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Update: Who will be indicted by Mueller in Trump Russia probe?

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Getty Images

Barring leaks over the weekend, we will have to wait until Monday to find out who will be indicted in relation to the Russia – Donald Trump campaign probe conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Here are the people most likely to be indicted Monday, from most likely to least likely.


Paul Manafort

Donald Trump’s former campaign chief is being investigated by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office for alleged money laundering and the FBI conducted a predrawn raid of Manafort’s Alexandria, Virginia home in July. In the raid, FBI agents seized documents related to Manafort’s dealings as a foreign political consultant as well as his personal finances.


Carter Page

Trump’s former foreign policy advisor met with the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday for close to six hours. According to NBC News, Page “did not respond to questions about being contacted by Mueller.”


Michael Cohen & Felix Sater

Trump’s personal attorney was in constant contact with Felix Sater in 2015 regarding opening a Trump Tower in Moscow. Sater is a Russia-born American and real estate developer. Sater pleaded guilty to his involvement in a $40 million stock fraud scheme conducted by the Russian Mafia in the late 1990s. In exchange for his guilty plea, Sater agreed to become a confidential informant for the FBI and U.S. intelligence.

“I was building Trump Towers by day and hunting Bin Laden by night,” Sater told the Los Angeles Times in March.


Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. likely violated campaign finance law due to the language in emails exchanged with Rob Goldstone, a publicist who was indirectly connected to Russian real estate billionaire Aras Agalarov.


President Donald Trump

It’s highly unlikely that Trump himself would be indicted Monday. Experts expect Mueller to initially target someone like Manafort or Page in an attempt to have them flip against Trump.


Hillary Clinton

Again, highly unlikely despite Trump’s tweeting in recent days that allege Clinton was even cozier with the Russians than he was during the 2016 election. In his first tweet since the news of Mueller being ready to drop charges on Friday night, Trump retweeted a NY Post article titled, “What Happened – How Team Hillary played the press for fools on Russia.” 

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