UPDATE: Yes, Dunkin Donuts is officially changing its name to just Dunkin – Metro US

UPDATE: Yes, Dunkin Donuts is officially changing its name to just Dunkin

is dunkin donuts changing its name

Boston residents might have noticed a sneaky change on the outside of their beloved DD location in the past year. A shop launched in Pasadena, CA with the name Dunkin, sans the Donuts, last summer, along with another in Boston, MA. But within the last month, 30 more locations in Boston have dropped the more delicious word from their shop exteriors, Boston Magazine reports. So, is Dunkin Donuts changing its name for good? And, maybe more importantly, are they going to stop selling donuts if they’re dropping the word from their name? Here’s everything you need to know about the potential Dunkin Donuts name change.

UPDATE: Dunkin (note the name) confirmed today that it is dropping the “Donuts.” The official name change goes into effect January 2019. In a press release they shared that they’re trying to put the company “on a first-name basis with customers.” We know what you’re wondering: what does this mean for the donuts part of the equation? In an email, Dunkin confirmed to Metro US that the bakery items will continue as-is. Whew!

One of those rebranded shops in Boston held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate their new look. The shop featured a more modern design and cold brew taps. “It’s been rebranded Dunkin’ as the company considers dropping donuts from its name in this health conscious era,” tweeted WHDH-TV, 7news in Boston reporter Jonathan Hall.



Those are some terrifying words for Dunkin fans. Despite the scary implications of the name change, these rebranded locations of Dunkin still sell donuts. Well, for now. But, is Dunkin Donuts changing its name across the country?

is dunkin donuts changing its name

Is Dunkin Donuts changing its name?

Now that we’ve addressed the donuts, you probably want to know is Dunkin Donuts changing its name officially. Although this whole thing started back in August 2017, it seems like the company has yet to make a decision. Frustrating as that is, it makes sense considering how busy the company is.

They’re not only putting out mouthwatering ice cream-inspired coffee flavors in their shops and saving melting New Yorkers by handing out free bottled lattes, but they also dabbled in the cookie business. Remember the Dunkin Donuts branded Mocha Oreo that was released? We do.

dunkin donuts oreos

As to whether there’s going to be a permanent name change, we know little right now. The company issued a statement to Delish, saying: “Dunkin’ Donuts has been testing signage in a few locations across the country that refers to the brand simply as “Dunkin’.” We do not plan to make any decisions regarding the branding until later this year."

Check back in with Metro. We’ll be following this story and tapping Dunkin for some answers to burning questions. And, no, we won’t forget to ask about the fate of the donuts.