Updated DraftKings Sportsbook Review for December 2018 – Metro US

Updated DraftKings Sportsbook Review for December 2018

Updated DraftKings Sportsbook Review December 2018

DraftKings sportsbook remains the most popular legal sports betting site in New Jersey and the book will have a leg-up on the competition for sure when online betting is up and running in neighboring Pennsylvania in the coming weeks.

“Our short-term goals included being the first to launch in New Jersey,” DraftKings co-founder and CRO Matt Kalish told MetroBet in a recent interview. “We also wanted to have the most compelling digital platform and I think we’ve had great results with what we think is the best product.”

Consumers in New Jersey would agree as DraftKings has earned approximately 63 percent of the mobile revenue since September when competitors like FanDuel, SugarHouse, 888 Sport, Caesars and others began popping up. For all MetroBet sportsbook reviews, click here.

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Latest bonus

First bet matched up to $200, and $25 in free bets if you don’t initially want to make a deposit.

This is decent but not exactly the best on the market in free money.

For instance FanDuel is currently offering a “$500 risk free bet” for first-time users. In essence, if you lose on your first bet FD gives you a refund of up to $500 in site credit.

SugarHouse bests DraftKings in the “first bet matched” department too as it is offering a $250 match compared to DK’s $200.


What’s new?

Kalish told MetroBet that the company was going to go all-in on bringing “pools” to the sportsbook. That they have, as it has become one of their most popular features.

What are pools, you ask?

Here’s an example.

You pay an entry fee of $20 to pick every NFL game on a weekend slate.

Now in a pool with – typically – hundreds of other people you have the opportunity to win big money. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars, big.

Even if you fall short – like, say you pick 11 of the 13 games correct – you can still win prizes.

The biggest one of these pools will take place in the New Year as DraftKings will hold the first ever “Sports Betting National Championship,” which will take place during the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs.

DK Sportsbook also introduced a betting carousel which makes it easier for users to customize which events they most want to bet on.

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There’s just so much to like with DK.

It’s phenomenal for those who may be asking, “How do you bet on sports?” The site literally asks you, “Who do you think will win?” (See screengrab below)

It’s also great for experienced bettors who are looking to build parlays, and you can bet on basically any sport under the sun – including cricket!

The interface is seamless and the site is incredibly easy to navigate.

DraftKings also has the best live in-game wagering around.

Your best bet is to use the DK Sportsbook app on iOS or Android.

In addition, if you currently have a DraftKings DFS account – you can link your fantasy account to the sportsbook account while sharing the same wallet.

Updated DraftKings Sportsbook Review




You’re entering an already crowded landscape when it comes to DraftKings sportsbook. DK sportsbook is big on pool play and obviously the more people that are in a pool, the less your odds are of actually winning. So that’s where DraftKings’ popularity could possibly, maybe (probably not) hurt you.


Deposit options

DraftKings sportsbook accepts Visa, Mastercard, ACH/eCheck, PayPal and Skrill. But if Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Capital One is your bank you may run into some issues. Those companies have disallowed gambling-related transactions in recent years. It’s best to contact your bank if you think you could run into any issues.


Withdrawal options

You will get your money back from DraftKings. It’s just a matter of how quickly you want your cash. If you want it that night, you could run into some trouble – particularly if you’re out of state and simply visiting New Jersey. Here are the three current options:

– Cash at Resorts Cage in Atlantic City

– Check in the mail

– Paypal

The check in the mail deal is not as bad as it sounds. When I was recently in New Jersey (I live in Massachusetts) using DK I made a bet on a Sunday night, withdrew my money on Monday afternoon on my phone, and had a check at my house on Thursday.

Most people who are using these online sportsbooks are going to keep their money in their sportsbook account anyway and only withdraw the money two or three times per year.

DraftKings has a pretty good history of listening to consumer complaints – particularly when it comes to people “not getting their money.” Expect vast improvements in this area in 2019.



It doesn’t get much better than DK. Only the limited withdrawal options are holding it back from 5 stars. We haven’t given out a five star rating yet. The good money is for DraftKings to get there first.

4.5 Stars

DK Four Stars