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Updated Eagles odds Titans Seahawks with great betting value

Updated Eagles odds Titans Seahawks with great betting
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Sharps are always on the lookout for value when it comes to in-season Futures odds, so today we’ll highlight a few teams that are worth jumping on right now.

Good teams that are fresh off a Week 3 loss are worth taking fliers on to win the Super Bowl, as most everyone is down on the Titans, Eagles and Seahawks right now.

Here are the Super Bowl favorites right now at MetroBet.us/Sugar:

Patriots +350

Chiefs +550

Rams +800

Packers +1200

Cowboys +1300

Saints +1400

After that we immediately jump $600, with the Eagles sitting right at +2000. The Titans are a whopping +7000, and the Seahawks are sitting at +3300.

Excuses are like armpits – everyone has them and they all stink – but the Eagles were without their top two receivers on Sunday, and most of the mistakes they made in the loss to the Lions are correctable. There is also the lingering feeling that GM Howie Roseman will make a trade before the NFL deadline in late October – which should send the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds back into the +1400 range.

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There’s great value in betting the Eagles right now – that is if you think they are capable of turning it on late in the year, of course.

As for the Titans’ disaster of an outing last Thursday against Jacksonville, we’ll chalk that up to a fluke. The meteor known as Gardner Minshew is currently in the Jeremy Lin zone and looks destined for a string of highly productive games. But he’ll eventually fall back to Earth, Tim Tebow-style.

The Jags simply caught the Titans in a bad spot – on the road, on a short week, and with Minshew-mania in its infancy. The Tennessee defense still hasn’t given up more than 20 points in a game and opponents are averaging just 17.3 points per game against them. Also, their offense will eventually be at least respectable – even if it means turning to backup QB Ryan Tannehill.

Finally, we get to the Seahawks – who lost by five points at home to the Saints on Sunday.

Seattle is traditionally a streaky squad, and we only have to look back to last year to see that they can string together victories late in the season. After a 4-5 start in 2018, Russell Wilson and company ripped off victories in six of their last seven games on their way to a playoff berth.

The play: $5 on Eagles, $5 on Titans, $5 on Seahawks to win Super Bowl


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