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UPDATED: Instagram takes down Naomi Campbell topless post

UPDATE: Instagram has taken down Naomi Cambell’s topless Instagram post.

Metro has provided a screen grab of the original post in this article:

PREVIOUSLY: Naomi Campbell, the supermodel who has never been one to shy away from controversey post a topless picture of herself on instagram early Tuesday evening.

The post has garnered around 60,500 likes in the 14 hours it has been on line and has yet to be taken down by the social media compnay.

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Instagram has a notorious history of taking down pictures of topless women who aren’t breastfeeding and many celebrities have protested this by sharing topless and nearly topess pictures of themselves.

The only question remaining is, will Instagram dare take down a picture of Naomi Campbell? They better hope she doesnt have her phone in her hands if and when they do.

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