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Updated: These actors refuse to work with Woody Allen

Since Dylan Farrow first when public with her experience with sexual assault in 2014 — that at age seven, Woody Allen, her adopted father, molested her in the attic of her home— Allen has denied the allegations suggesting that instead, Farrow was coached by her mother, Mia Farrow. Her motivation? Jealousy over the affair Allen was having with her adopted daughter (to whom he is now married), Soon-Yi Previn.

But this year, particularly in the wake of movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up, Farrow is ready to speak out again.

On Friday, January 18, Dylan Farrow opened up to CBS This Morning, speaking candidly about the sexual assault allegations she’s levyed against her adoptive father, Woody Allen. She also touched on the actors that continue to star in his films.

“I hope that, you know, especially since so many of them have been vocal advocates of this Me Too and Time’s Up movement that they can acknowledge their complicity,” she said in the interview. “And maybe hold themselves accountable to how they have perpetuated this culture of silence in their industry.

“I have been repeating my accusations unaltered for over 20 years and I have been systematically shut down, ignored or discredited,” she continued. “If they can’t acknowledge the accusations of one survivor’s how are they going to stand for all of us?”

The tides are changing, albeit very slowly: in a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Natalie Portman told Oprah, “I believe Dylan. I would want to say that. I believe you, Dylan.” And Farrow is grateful for the acknowledgement.

“With so much silence being broken by so many brave people against so many high profile people, I felt it was important to add my story to theirs,” she said. “It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time and it was very momentous for me to see this conversation finally carried into a public setting.

Portman isn’t the only one. Here are 10 other actors who have voiced support for Farrow, or expressed regret working with Allen.

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