Urban archaeologist Gil Shapiro holds epic stoop sale - at Guernsey's - Metro US

Urban archaeologist Gil Shapiro holds epic stoop sale — at Guernsey’s

Not too shabby for a pack rat.

In fact, most might say, pretty fabulous.

Gil Shapiro is an urban archaeologist of international renown.

He turned his knack for seeing beauty and value in what other people considered out-of-style relics — or even trash — into big business.

So the urban archaeologist in 1978 opened a store in SoHo. And, yep, he called it “Urban Archaeology.”

And now, four more stores, a custom replica factory, and nearly three decades later, he’s holding the yard sale to end all yard sales. And yep, it’s also called “Urban Archaeology.”

The one difference? (Well one of many differences.) He’s not rolling up a garage door and putting sticker price tags on his amazing collection. He’s holding an international auction at world-famous Guernsey’s.

And what’s on the block is an eye-popping collection that, quite honestly, most of us can’t afford (although there are some light fixtures for $300). But we can dream.

A lot of it has New York origins. Some of our favorites:

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