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Use your feet… to take the perfect selfie

Selfie sticks are old news, if you believe the people behind the latest smartphone accessory. The gizmo called Selfie Feet, developed by a Ukraine-based youth group, is attached to a shoe with an elasticated band. A user’s smartphone is then secured to the top of the gizmo’s strap via the accessory’s built-in magnet and operated using a Bluetooth remote. Founder Dmytro Timchenko explains why they’ve got their feet firmly in the future of selfie accessories.

Why did you decide to develop Selfie Feet?

I developed it because I wanted to be hands-free when I take a selfie. Also, I don’t want to carry around a selfie stick. So sticking a smartphone on my foot was an obvious solution. Of course, you can attach the Selfie Feet to stuff, like a bottle, a drinks can, or any magnetic metal surface.

Why do you say that the selfie stick era is over?

Because it’s inconvenient and it’s just not cool. Just ask yourself: “What do I look like with aselfie stick wafting around like some giant Harry Potter wand?” Is it cool? No, it’s not!

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What advantages does Selfie Feet offer over the selfie stick?

It’s young, fun and cool. And also many places have now banned selfie sticks like restaurants, bars and museums. They are annoying for other people and definitely not good if you value your eyes. How many people have been so absorbed that they didn’t notice a flight of steps before it’s too late?

How does Selfie Feet work?

Selfie Feet is simple: just strap it to your foot or wherever, attach a smartphone, pose and use a remote Bluetooth fob to operate the shutter. Simple.

How do you avoid having your leg in every picture?

Just straighten your foot a little and hey presto, no leg.

What are Selfie Shoes?

The thing about Selfie Shoes is that the shoe already has the magnet inside, so it’s just a matter of magnetically attaching your smartphone and away you go.

How have people reacted to your gadget?

First they laugh, then they think, and then they are desperate to buy one. It’s a fun thing because it’s different. Try it with your friends and you’ll get the bug.

How do you see the future of Selfie Feet?

That’s a trade secret. Actually we have one or two nifty and tricky ideas for the future. We’ll speak again about those in the future.

—Daniel Casillas

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