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Vancouver spa offers free massages to rioters

A relaxing massage, or perhaps a pedicure, might just be the perfect thing to help the angry masses relax and give up their riotous ways.

Vancouver’s Eccotique Spa announced Thursday that it is offering, for a limited time, $50 ‘Calm Down And De-Stress’ gift certificates for rioters who surrender voluntarily to police.

“Everybody involved is obviously very angry and frustrated,” said Milajne Soligo, president of Eccotique Spa.

“Maybe if they visited one of our spas or had a massage they would have calmed down and it all could have been avoided.”

The initiative, which Soligo said was dreamed up by Eccotique’s marketing department, requires alleged rioters to show photo ID and detail what criminal activity they were involved in during the June 15 Stanley Cup riot.

They will then be fingerprinted (onto the gift card) and must return to the spa with a form proving their arrest before the gift card is activated.

“I really hope people will turn themselves in,” Soligo said. “They were stupid enough to destroy the city and their home. They’ve got to be stupid enough to come and turn themselves in.

“It’s been so long and nobody’s really paid for what they’ve done. We want to kick up the awareness and help get some people charged.”

The $50 gift certificate is good for any treatment, but would be preferably be used for something like a massage to people calm down, or “get them ready for prison, hopefully,” Soligo added.

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