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Vera Farmiga provides an update on ‘The Conjuring 3,’ teases the addition of werewolves

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring

Vera Farmiga loves doing The Conjuring.

In fact, just the mere mention of the franchise was enough for her to proclaim just that to me.

It’s no surprise that Farmiga is so enamored with the franchise, as the first two installments have grossed a combined total of $639.9 million, which in Hollywood means that another follow-up is all but inevitable.  

That’s exactly what Farmiga has been made to believe, too, because during my recent interview with the actress about her upcoming film “Boundaries” she revealed that the script for “The Conjuring 3” is currently being worked on and she is hopeful that production will begin in the very near future.

“Patrick and I certainly love working together and we love these characters that we have created. We are hoping that in the next year or two that there is number 3. I know the script has been worked on.”

She didn’t stop there, too. Because while there are “thousands and thousands of case files” from Edward and Loraine Warren’s paranormal investigations that the film could explore in the third film, Farmiga confirmed that she is currently under the impression that it has “has something to do with a werewolf.”

“I could be wrong. They could be scrapping it. But the last I heard it has something to do with some werewolf case.”

“I was given a book by Lorraine and Tony, her son-in-law, who has moved into the Ed Warren position in that family, and there’s a book called ‘Werewolf.’ But I’ve not read it yet, so I am sure the answers are in that.”

During our discussion, Farmiga also opened up about up what originally compelled her to join 2013’s “The Conjuring” in the first place, as well as what keeps bringing her back.

“I am not afraid of stories about the spirit realm at all. I knew what my approach was going to be. I saw a vision for it.”

“As soon as I heard Patrick was being considered for the role, I could see us in the film together, and I dug his work. So I was like, ‘If he’s in I am in.’ Because I had worked with his wife Dagmara Dominczyk on a film I had directed called Higher Ground and met him then, I knew.”

“But I do love doing it. We love it. And Lorraine is a friend of ours. We have hung out with her quite a bit, and she is a rock star in the paranormal community.”

Now all we have to do is wait patiently for exact news regarding the release of “The Conjuring 3.”

In the meantime, make sure to check out Vera Farmiga’s delightful performance in the charming road-trip comedy “Boundaries,” which is released on June 22.