Verdict expected today in Quinn trial - Metro US

Verdict expected today in Quinn trial

A verdict is expected to be handed down in New Westminster court today in the second trial of Katherine Quinn, who is accused of murdering Vancouver teenager Matthew Martins five years ago.

In 2007, Quinn and her boyfriend Robert Forslund were found guilty of killing Martins outside Surrey SkyTrain station.

Forslund was convicted of beating Martins to death and Quinn convicted for giving the order to kill.

Quinn appealed her conviction last summer and was granted a new trial, which wrapped up earlier this month.

Sandra Martins-Toner, Matthew’s mother, described the last three weeks — the period between the end of the trial and the verdict — as “cruel and tortuous.”

“Just the waiting, the thinking, ‘Gosh, is this going to give Justice (Wendy) Baker more time to change her mind?’” she said. “You can’t not think about it.”

Martins-Toner said she came into the second trial stronger and without the previous feelings of raw despair and shock.

“I sat there and didn’t miss a day except the last day because we were burying my mom,” Martins-Toner said. “We’ve lost so much.”

She said she’s nervous but confident Quinn will be found guilty again, even if she receives a lighter sentence.

“A lot of people tend to think that parents who have lost a child are vindictive and we want an eye for an eye, and that’s not so,” Martins-Toner said. “We just want some justice.”

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