Verizon is slowly killing 3G – Metro US

Verizon is slowly killing 3G

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If you still have a flip phone, you might want to head to the Verizon store, stat. Verizon has started shutting down the airwaves used by 2G and 3G phones and plan on having them killed off completely within the next few years.

As more people upgrade to a 4G device or higher, the phone company needs the airwaves to support them; there just isn’t enough space for it all. CNN Money reports that three quarters of Verizon’s traffic comes from 4G networks and trying to maintain 2G, 3G and 4G airwaves is expensive and inefficient.

Gigaom reports that Verizon is currently working on developing a third LTE network that won’t tap into virgin airwaves, unlike the two they launched in 2010.Verizon has not commented on when the new airwaves will officially launch, although Gigaom’s expert has found that they still seem to be in early development.

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