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VIDEO: 12-hour LaGuardia delay leads to traveler’s screaming meltdown

New video shows one traveler’s rage caused by a 12-hour delay at LaGuardia last month.

An angry mother en route to a family vacation in Miami was recorded berating American Airlines employees at LaGuardia in the middle of a gate crowded with delayed passengers, the Daily Mail reported.

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“You lied to me. I’m sitting here since 8 o’clock with a 9-year-old who’s waiting for her vacation and my 13-year-old and me,” her tirade was quoted by the Daily Mail.

Other passengers in the vicinity appeared to capture the woman’s anger on video, NBC4 reported, adding that footage of the incident later posted on Facebook has been viewed more than 500,000 times.

“We do apologize that passengers on American Airlines flight 2240 were delayed due to inclement weather at New York’s LaGuardia Airport,” a spokesperson for American Airlines was quoted by the Daily Mail. “The inbound aircraft, which was coming from Miami, diverted to Philadelphia due to high winds at LaGuardia.”

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Jade Weng, the person who recorded the footage, said the video was captured at 2 a.m. after passengers had been waiting for a 9 p.m. scheduled departure, the Daily Mail added.The flight eventually departed at 8:50 a.m., nearly 12 hours late.

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