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VIDEO: 7 kitchen life-hacks that will blow your mind, not your wallet

We’re always looking for the best ways to cut corners and expenses, and these kitchen life-hacks with cheese, milk and eggs are the best way to do both.

Turns out you can freeze almost anything to help extend your dollar. YouTube channel HouseHoldHacker has produced a video that perfectly illustrates these amazing life-hacks.

Things we thought you could freeze (before we watched the video): Just water.

Things we now know we can freeze (after watching the video): EVERYTHING.

1) Milk

Apparently milk can be frozen for one to two months! It will take about a day or two to thaw. Once thawed you have to shake it pretty well, because the milk will separate.

2) Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt freezes much better than normal yogurt. You can freeze the yogurt for a couple of months!

3)Coffee Creamer

You can keep Coffee Creamer in the freezer for six whole months.

4) Cheese

Grated cheese lasts better than whole blocks of cheese. Save your cheese for two to three months in the freezer!

5) Butter

Salted butter works better as a frozen food and make sure to wrap it so smells from the freezer don’t find their way into the butter.

6) Cream Cheese

Full fat cream cheese can be frozen as well. Although the texture may change, so it would be best to save this cream cheese for a recipe.


Apparently eggs can be frozen. Did your world just shatter? Our world shattered. All you gotta do is take the eggs out of their shell and freeze them in an ice cube tray. Once they’re frozen, take them out and keep them in a bag for later use.

You might want to freeze the egg whites and yolks separately in case you have recipes that call for only egg whites or only yolks.

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