Video: A full length 'Wet Hot American Summer' trailer is here at last - Metro US

Video: A full length ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ trailer is here at last


The long wait for the “Wet Hot American Summer” miniseries is almost over — the show will premiere on Netflix July 17. But in the meantime, Netflix has finally gifted the world with a full trailer for the big event. Everyone’s terrible hair is back! Some people have new terrible hair! By which we mean, that rug on Christopher Meloni is magnificent. If nothing else, the trailer adds fuel to the “Paul Rudd doesn’t age” conspiracy theory. A whole bunch of new people will also be popping up in the new series, so get ready to see how Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Lake Bell and series creator David Wain fit into the crew. And yes, there are plenty of hints about your favorite romance from the movie: Bradley Cooper and Michael Ian Black are here to make eyes at each other.

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