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VIDEO: Amazing OctoPossum inspires us all


Let’s say you are a chill opossum in Queens, trying to get your busy morning started despite your eight tiny hellions flying around the opossum pad, and your completely unreliable friend calls you—last minute, as usual—to tell you that her car is busted. It’s a no-go on your weekly ride to the grocery store.

Your morning? RUINED. But that’s OK, because you’re a big-city opossum, not used to letting other people tell you what to do…or how to do it.

So you pull up your bootstraps, grab your eight whiny kids and carry those suckers throughout the city like a straight-up opossum boss. No apologies. No retreat. No surrender.

We could all learn a lot from OctoPossum, named such by the quick-thinking Astoria residents who took this video: the power of a mother’s love, the liberating thrill of shaping your own life’s path, the desperation of urban nature and its many parallels with our own human way of life.

But mostly, take a moment to feel blessed that you don’t need to carry eight babies on your back. That looks seriously uncomfortable for everyone involved.

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