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VIDEO: Boy ‘saves’ drunk guy struggling to climb fence

If you think this man looks foolish trying to climb a fence, wait until you see what this boy does.

Somewhere in Russia a man had way too many drinks and found himself stumbling around what appears to be a schoolyard trying to get out.

At first, the drunken man tries to squeeze his way through the bars of the fence but realizes the space is too narrow to fit. He then decides the best way to make his escape is to climb over the fence, but due to his inebriated state, he his unable to make it over.

live leak drunk man, fence, gate, boy, saving, funny, stupid, odd, bizarre The struggle is real. Credit: LiveLeak

The person recording this hilarious video zooms out to show there is an opening in the fencing big enough for someone to walk through.

drunk man tries to climb gate in russia, funny, wtf, crazy, go home, you're drunk Let’s see if this works. Credit: LiveLeak

As the man struggles trying to break out the yard, boy carrying shopping bags walks up to the fence and casually walks through the opening and saves the man from further embarrassment.

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