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VIDEO: Brett Cohen’s got the beat in his ‘Hotter Than Fire’ prank

Brett Cohen is at it again.

Following the success of his first viral video in which he pretended to be a famous celebrity in Times Square, 21-year-old Cohen is back with his second prank poking fun at the music industry.

Looking to create a second video that intertwined comedy and social commentary, Cohen wrote, recorded and performed the song “Hotter Than Fire,” which he said he wrote in less than 20 minutes. The catchy song features every cliché under the sun weaved together with a techno beat.

“It’s so sad, I used a rhyming dictionary and just made the song about clubbing,” Cohen told Metro.

The goal was to make a song blatantly mainstream that “takes down the music industry.”

“It’s comedy, but it’s meaningful,” Cohen said.

After legendary music producers Mig & Rizzo (Steve Migliore and Mike Rizzo), saw Cohen’s first video, they jumped on board to help make the heavily auto tuned “Hotter Than Fire” a reality.

Cohen, a media management student at SUNY New Paltz and Long Island native, performed the song and shot the video in Clifton, N.J. on January 4. This was the first time Cohen performed live. Armed with men in suits that look the bodyguards, Cohen took the stage donning a red button-down shirt, jeans and the must-have accessory for all clubbers: sunglasses.

From all the bumping and grinding in the video, it seem as if people loved the song.

“Sick, sick beat. I loved it!” yelled one clubber.

“It sounded like LMFAO on a beach in Miami,” said another.

Cohen felt the love that night as people approached him to say how much they loved the song.

“I’m not even on Molly and I feel like I’m on Molly because I just listened to that,” a man says in the video. “That’s how good it is, it makes me feel like I’m on Molly when I’m not even on it.”

Cohen expects this video to be just as successful as his first, and once it takes over, the sales of the song, which is available on iTunes, will reflect that.

What happens when the hype around the video dies down?

A number of production companies approached Cohen after his first video went viral, about starting his own television show.

While he says he’s not quite sure how qualified he is for that job, Cohen said he is still “very much into the idea of a television show” and will happily revisit those conversation.

We won’t give anything else about the video away. take a look for yourselves.

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