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VIDEO: Bryan Cranston reads erotic fan letter on ‘Conan’

Bryan Cranston, star of AMC’s hit show “Breaking Bad,” read his favorite erotic fan letter on “Conan.”

Cranston gets a lot of fan mail thanks to avid followers of his “Breaking Bad” character, Walter White, a high school teacher turned crystal meth manufacturer. Cranston read his favorite selections from the letter, which opens with a disclaimer: “I have never been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder.”

In a surprise twist, it turns out Cranston is not the object of her desire. “I am fantasizing about having sex,” Cranston pauses, “with Aaron Paul and for you to be there watching.”

The woman does not want to leave Cranston out, either, though. “I am not sure what your role would be but I think I want you there.” In case Cranston has any doubts, the woman guarantees him that “it would be a good time.”

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