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VIDEO: Bullying experiment shows most people won’t help out

What would you do if you saw someone getting bullied right in front of you?

That’s the question that drove one YouTuber to create “The Bullying Experiment.” In the video, fouseyTUBE pretends to bully his friend on a school campus, pushing him around and threatening to beat him up.

In most cases, those who witnessed the bullying just walked away. A few of the bystanders bravely stepped in, and at least one guy whipped out his cell phone to record the bullying and post it on the Internet.

“Why is bullying such an ongoing issue in society today? It’s the people who start it but is it not the people who have the capacity to put a stop to it?” the video’s creator wrote in the description. “This video opened up my eyes in ways no video has done before. Hope it promotes positive change.”

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