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VIDEO: ‘Cosby Show’ clip that went viral for being creepy in retrospect

Comedian Bill Cosby was officially charged with sexual assault in Pennyslvania yesterday, something that many feel was a long time coming after decades of allegations from dozens of women.

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As these allegations bubbled up in recent months, an old clip from “The Cosby Show” surfaced online, which has now been descibed as creepy in retrospect.

In this particular 1990 episode the Cosby kids have been arguing with their respective spouses, until of course they eat some of their father’s “special” BBQ sauce.

“Haven’t you ever noticed after people have some of my BBQ sauce after a while when it kicks in they huggy-buggy?” he asks his wife, who looks at him with an “are you kidding me?” face.

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More evidence of the sauce’s drug-like effect are explained in the episode when Cosby says to his wife that he has “a cup of it up on the night table.”

He later continues: “I’ve got a cup of it, I said. I left it up there breathing. Why don’t you give the chicken to these people? Let’s just go on up and have some sauce.”

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