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VIDEO: Dashcam captures moment of impact in car crash

Don’t worry – he’s fine.

Daryl Peterson was driving his car on the highway when an SUV rear-ended him into an oncoming truck. But watching Peterson get slammed first by the SUV, as he lurches back and forth, and then by the truck, which deploys the airbag, is truly scary.

Amazingly, despite the double-whammy, Peterson barely blinks and unbuckles his seat belt and strolls out of his car after the crash.

Peterson uploaded his dashcam video to YouTube, where he answered users’ questions in the comments.

He wrote that the SUV “jerked to the right at the last second, He hit my Rear passenger side and catapulted me to the left, in front of the International truck loaded with Strawberries.”

He also assured everyone he was okay: ” Not even a scratch, no injuries at all….it looks worse on camera than real life…I was only doing 20 mph before I stopped, I think the guy who hit me was only doing about 25 mph, and the Box truck was slowing down for a red light. I bounced around quite a bit inside the Escape, but modern cars are well built, and I can attest that the crumple zones work well. I was suprised to see how small the airbag was, but I never hit the airbag as the seat belt stopped my forward progression.”

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