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VIDEO: Does Tom Brady’s new ‘Funny or Die’ video make him funnier than the Manning Bros.?

We know it’s one big ad for Under Armour, but Tom Brady’s new video for “Funny or Die” is hilarious.

The Patriot’s quarterback poses as a shopper in a Los Angeles Dick’s Sporting Goods store. A clerk there ridicules Brady for his Boston accent, which the California-native insists he does not have. A couple of shoppers also get in on the action and mistake Tom Brady for Matt Damon.

The video got us thinking that Brady has come a long since hosting Saturday Night Live in 2004. And being true Pats fans, we couldn’t help but immediately compare Brady’s comedic skills to the Manning Brothers.

Although Peyton Manning nearly made us pee ourselves with his United Way spoof commercial when he hosted SNL, no. 12 will always be the most hilarious to us.

But let us know what you think. We’ve compiled some clips below to help you decide:

Tom Brady’s new “Funny or Die” video:

Here’s Peyton Manning’s 2007 SNL United Way commercial

Here’s Eli Manning’s Little Brothers sketch from his SNL hosting gig in May:

And here’s Brady’s best SNL skit from his 2004 hosting gig – in our opinion:

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