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VIDEO: Edith Bunker reads Playgirl magazine

In this hilarious classic clip from the 1970s sitcom “All in the Family,” TV’s beloved Edith Bunker (played by the late Jean Stapleton) is handed a magazine to read while sitting in a hospital waiting room with her husband, Archie.

When Edith looks at the cover and realizes it is a Playgirl magazine, she said, “Maybe I shouldn’t look at this one, Archie.” Her husband stubbornly insists that she reads it.

Edith looks at the centerfold, and her reaction is priceless. She seems to be embarrassed, but very curious and impressed at the same time.

Archie takes a peek and is shocked by what he sees.

He snatches the magazine from her and then blames her for reading it, when it was him who handed it to her in the first place. Oh, Archie.

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