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VIDEO: Giant pit bull ‘Hulk’ weighs in at 175 pounds

Pit bulls are never small, but they generally top out at 70 pounds. One very big exception, however, is Hulk, the 175-pound pit bull. And Hulk will only get bigger – he’s only 17 months old.

The Grennan family owns Hulk and runs Dark Dynasty K9s. Marlon and Lisa Grennan breed pit bulls as guard dogs. Marlon Grennan says people from as far away as Grenada and countries in Africa buy his dogs to protect them. He said of the dogs, “They are absolutely trained to be fearless. They fear nothing.”

Though the Grennans say pit bulls make excellent guard dogs, they also say that the pooches are not violent in spite of the breed’s reputation.

Lisa Grennan said, “They’re dogs just like any other dog. No matter what the breed it’s all completely how you raise them.” Indeed, the Grennans let Hulk play with their three-year-old son; they even let their son ride the massive dog like a horse. A video from Barcroft Media showed the family nuzzling Hulk and cuddling with him on the couch.

Though Hulk can be sweet, he is also undoubtedly an incredibly strong and fast guard dog. Marlon Grennan said he is one of the top three biggest pit bulls in the world, and that people have offered him as much as $500,000 to buy the dog from him.

“You could throw 10 million at me and I’d throw it right back at you,” said Grennan.

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