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VIDEO: ‘Girl Drifter’ female race car driver pranks driving instructors

Leona Chin turned a stereotype on its head when she punked four driving instructors in a prank YouTube video.

Chin, who is a professional race car driver and called the “Girl Drifter,” teamed up with a driving school that wanted to give a little scare to its instructors on their first day.

Chin wore a convincing disguise, putting her hair into pigtails with pink scrunchies and wearing nerdy glasses.

When she gets into the car, the teachers ask if it’s hers and she answers, “It’s my brother’s.”

After a rocky, fumbling start, the teachers start to get frustrated and tell her to practice more – and that’s when the fun starts.

Watch Chin pull her signature Figure-8s and donuts on the track as her instructors hang on for the scariest rides of their lives.

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