VIDEO: Gordon Ramsay curses out 'MasterChef Junior' kids - Metro US

VIDEO: Gordon Ramsay curses out ‘MasterChef Junior’ kids

After watching a video edited to make it seem like Chef Gordon Ramsay is cursing out his minature contestants on ‘MasterChef Junior,’ we can say with a certain degree of certainty that there is nothing funnier.

The video, which is really just wondefully edited to include crying kids from ‘MasterChef Junior’ and sound bites of Chef Ramsay cursing out adult chefs, is a roller coaster of laughter.

Take a look at the kid cutting up a potato, crying thick globby tears, while Chef Ramsay yells “Your special has become not very special.”

Or take a look at the little girl dabbing at her eyes while Chef Ramsay tells her that she’s “F—ing pathetic!”


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