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Video: Green glass equals big biz

Glass recycling is simple, right? You put your bottles in the bin, and set the bin out on the curb.

But did you know that if the glass breaks, and different colours of glass mingle, your bottles cannot be recycled — and millions end up in a landfill?

Sustain It Inc., a clever company from Aurora, Ont., just got a major investment on CBC Television’s hit show Dragons’ Den with a new bottle carrier specifically designed to solve this problem.

“It’s called Bottle Bin,” says Chris Williams, director of sales for Sustain It. “It’s a reusable container for your wine, liquor and beer bottles. When the bin is full, it’s an easy and convenient way to bring those empty containers back and collect your refund.”

The bin holds 18 standard wine bottles, or 24 empty beer bottles. It’s easy to carry, and guarantees that all your glass gets properly recycled.

“It was specifically made for wine bottles originally, and then when you do the sheer math of the volume of how much beer we drink in Canada, we changed the design to be able to accommodate beer bottles as well. Beer is such a massive volume. The LCBO in Ontario sells 50-million six-packs a year. And six-packs are difficult to return.”

Bottle Bin touched off a bidding frenzy on Dragons’ Den earlier this month, with all five Dragons making offers.

Boston Pizza owner Jim Treliving won the day —and 20 per cent of the company — with an investment of $150,000.

“The Dragons’ Den effect is outstanding,” Williams says. “Our office absolutely exploded. Different people who want to manufacture and distribute it right across the country. And then we also had a couple of high-profile retailers that called us — including Home Hardware.”

The bins will be available at Home Hardware stores across Canada in November, retailing for between $11 to $13. The Beer Store in Ontario is selling them now for $9.99.

“The more people that recognize they may have a problem with their empties, or may have a bit of a struggle with returning their empties, and seeing there’s this new bin to help them do it, it really helps our cause,” concludes Williams.

“Returning your empty wine, liquor and beer bottles is a great way people can help the environment.”

For more info, visit bringyourbottlesback.com.

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