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VIDEO: Guy shaves beard for adorable grandmother’s 100th birthday

Scott Cleveland’s grandmother did not like his beard one bit. In fact, she hated her grandson’s beard so much that she lived to her 100th birthday just to make sure Cleveland shaved it off.

Cleveland grew out his beard four years ago, which is exactly when his grandmother started hating it. Finally, after two years, he made a promise to his grandmother: He would shave off his beard for her 100th birthday.

Much to her delight, Cleveland’s grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday recently, just in time to applaud and cheer for Cleveland as he took an electric razor to his chin. It’s clear that he could not have given her a better birthday present as she grins and squeals, “Whee!”

Grandma even takes the razor to her grandson’s face herself, later telling him, “Glad to see you again” once his face is silky smooth. She also fake-spanks him for being a rotten beard wearer.

Cleveland’s grandmother is pretty much the most adorable centenarian ever. When her grandson tells her, “Happy 100th birthday,” she looks at him and deadpans, “You made it.”

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