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VIDEO: Hungry cat breaks through wall of snow to get food

This cat will not let anything get in its way for dinner.

In this hilarious cat video, Plume the cat breaks through bank of snow against the front door to get to his grub.

The clip starts with Plume outside in the cold snowy weather. The video cuts to the owner bringing the hungry cat his favorite food and before you know it, Plume blasts through the wall of snow into the house.

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This hilarious video was uploaded on February 16 and has already close to 3 million page views.

Ann didn’t think the video was going to receive that kind of attention, but the people of the Internet seem to really love it, while other’s believe the clip was set up.

“I have been surprised but the funny reaction, but we have had some people say he was thrown through, which he was definitely not,” she adds to the video’s YouTube description.

We believe this is just a hungry cat trying to get his grub. I think we can all identify with that level of determination.

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