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VIDEO: Is your pop culture knowledge better than President Obama’s?

President Obama chatted with the ladies of “The View” about his stance on gay marriage, the economy and the upcoming election in an episode that aired today. Important stuff and all, but what we really cared about was the little quiz he took on pop culture.

President Obama, who said “I like hangin’ out with women,” answered questions from Joy Behar about the Kardashians, “The Avengers,” Jessica Simpson and sexy mommy porn book “50 Shades of Grey.” The president actually did a pretty good job and proved he has a decent knowledge of pop culture, although we can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Here’s a break down of the quiz and how the president answered. Is your pop culture knowledge better than the commander in chief’s?

Question: Which Kardashian was married only 72 days?

President Obama: “That would be Kim.” He’s right! But the president claimed the only reason he knew this was because her husband was a ball player and he follows basketball. Mmmhmmm, suuuure.

Question: What’s the controversial sex book that’s on millions of women’s bedside tables?

President Obama: “I don’t know that.” We’re not sure if we buy it. What man is going to freely admit they know about the mommy porn book “50 Shades of Grey?” However, the president did say he will ask first lady Michelle about it when he gets home. That might be an awkward conversation.

Question: Did Jessica Simpson have her baby and what was it?

President Obama: “That I don’t know.” We can’t blame him on this one. For all he knows, Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for the last two years. Her gestation period is far more interesting than the actual birth.

Question: Name three of the super heroes in the movie “The Avengers.”

President Obama: “Well, I saw ‘The Avengers’ so this is easy. You’ve got the Hulk, Captain America, Ironman.” He nailed this one! The president likes action flicks!

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