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VIDEO: ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ pranks South by Southwest

Pretentious hipsters? Say it ain’t so.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Show” hit South by Southwest in Austin and made up some hilarious artist and band names, like Cheez Whiz Kalifa, and asked attendees what they thought of the bands. Unsurprisingly, many unwitting fans at SXSW fell right into the trap, talking about how much they enjoyed the musicians.

Not only did fans say they liked the nonexistent bands, they even went as far as to make specific comments about them.

One SXSW attendee said of DJ Underwire:”[Turntables are] something that oftentimes is lost on some of the newer age DJs and I think it’s great that he’s bringing that back in.”

And Cheez Whiz Kalifa? One woman said, “One of my friends is really into him so he’s shown me a lot more of him than I’ve been exposed to.”

And a supposed Eddie and his Manpurse fan said of the band,”You pretty much get to see the whole Manpurse” and started beatboxing to imitate the sound of the band.

One woman even squealed,”Oh my god, yes I did!” when the correspondent asked her if she had been to the concert when Vlad and the Putins rode in on a horse.

Moral of the story? Don’t lie to anyone with a camera.

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