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VIDEO: Jon Stewart sings ‘Hamilton’ in anti-Trump rant on ‘The Late Show’

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The Republican National Convention has been, let’s just say, hard to watch. When there’s so much hate being spewed and missteps like Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech to be mocked, America used to have a man – nay, men – to turn to.

Well, the old guardof late night political comedy have heard your cries.”The Colbert Report”-era Stephen Colbert made a return Monday on CBS'”The Late Show,” and last night it was Jon Stewart’s turn to take up his mantle as Airer of America’s Grievances.

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“Uh, hello, how are you?” he begins, in a clip-on tie and the beard all TV hosts seem to grow once a camera is no longer on them four nights a week. Don’t worry, your catwon’t tell anyone else about that high-pitched sound you made.

Then he segues an Olympics reference into a reckoning for the Republican party now that Donald Trump is officially their candidatefor president- it’s a thing of beauty to watch Stewartpack an entire segment’s worth of vitriol into just saying his name. Stewarteven sings a line from “Hamilton,” proving he hasn’t been as isolated in his New Jersey cabin as he’d like to have been. And yes, there is profanity.

Hopefully, his new HBO show makes better use of him than getting body-slammed by John Cena.

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