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VIDEO: Judd Apatow’s shocking Bill Cosby impression

VIDEO: Judd Apatow’s shocking Bill Cosby impression

Judd Apatow, a self-proclaimed “troll in the corner,” delivered a spot-on Bill Cosby impression on Monday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

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Apatow, who apparently does standup, was paddling his way through a so-so set before landing on a pretty searing Cosby bit.

“My wife said to me ‘What is this in the paper about the raping and the drugging and the women,'” Apatow said with a well-practiced impression of Cosby speaking with his wife.

“And I said ‘Do you like your life? Do you like the house and the jet? Well then have a cappuccino and shut the foink up,’” Apatow punched to a shocked audience.

Apatow has been on a bit of a “crusade” against Cosby and was recently quoted at a movie premier crediting himself with keeping the Cosby rape conversation alive.

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“I just thought that nobody was talking about it, and that was very sad that he hurt so many people,” Apatow reportedly said.

Yes, Judd, nice work. Thank you so much for bringing the subject to light. No one has been talking about Cosby drugging and raping women at all — you’re the first.

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