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Video: Kids react to body-conscious Barbie alternative

Lammily doll
Credit: Lammily

Kids are accustomed to Barbie’s small waist, oversized breasts, a face with full makeup and tippie-toe feet. It’s the same body type they see in Disney movies and many other children’s media. So it’s interesting to see how they react when presented with a doll with realistic human proportions.

The Lammily doll has the measurements of a typical 19-year-old girl, flat feet and has the appearance of wearing no makeup. She looks completely average. The doll’s founder, Nickolay Lamm, is an artist and researcher and founded his Lammily doll project on Kickstarter.

Recently, Lamm took his Lammily dolls and gave them to a group of second graders to play with, along with a traditional Barbie. Watch the video below to see what they thought:

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