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VIDEO: Kids react to Caitlyn Jenner

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Everyone knows kids say the darndest things, but they’re also known for saying some of the wisest and insightful things too.

SheKnows gathered a group of kids and sat them down to have them discuss Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation.

The young group was shown two photos, one of Bruce Jenner and one of Caitlyn Jenner and were asked to describe two pictures. The kids used words like “strong” to describe the picture of Bruce, and words like “calm” and “confident” to describe the picture of Caitlyn.

They were presented with a very important question. “What would happen if I told you they’re the same person?”

At first, some of the kids looked confused, but after a minute they warmed up to the idea and showed their support for Caitlyn.

The kids were shown negative social media remarks about Caitlyn and one child responds: “Who she wants to be, is who she should be.” At the end of the video, one of the children leaves us all with a few words of wisdom. He says, “It’s important for you to be yourself, because if you are yourself, who are you?”