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VIDEO: Korean girl group apparently has a thing for NY Ranger Chris Kreider

Full Bloom Reboot/YouTube

A Korean girl group is causing confusion among New York Rangers fans after a video of them performing in the team’s jerseys popped up online.

The Dream Concert footage shows nearly every member of the seven-girl group DIA dancing and singing in the left wing Chris Kreider’s jersey, except for one, who was wearing Rick Nash’s number 61.

Once the YouTube video was discovered by fans, there was much speculation over why a pop group from the other side of the world would don the sports wear and why Kreider’s jersey.

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On the Rangers subreddit user apreche said “DIA is a group that just debuted, so they’re performing a lot right now. They aren’t very good. Their stylist, or someone on their staff, must be a hockey/Rangers fan. Or maybe those jerseys were just cheaper and easier than designing/making better stage costumes. Or maybe they were just very clever and realized that using those costumes would bring some attention to a group that would otherwise remain virtually unknown.”

Buckaroo–Banzai said it was all about the fashion. “K-Pop is as much about fashion as it is about music. The biggest k-pop stars are either up to date with current trends or making them. Sports uniforms, when well designed, are vibrant and attention getting without being overly loud and obnoxious. So in recent years it is not unusual to see k-pop in sports attire on stage, in music videos and variety shows, or in their day-to-day lives. Our unis, being one of the best in the league and top 10 in the Big 4, are a natural choice for a group looking for a unique style.”

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Whatever the group’s reason for the jerseys, the girls managed to get the attention of Kreider, who added the link to their YouTube video to his profile description, leading some unlikely fans to view their performance.

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